AXIS information systems, Erlangen – Electronic commerce, market places

Bayern Design GmbH, Nuremberg/Munich – Central agency for the promotion of Bavarian design

Cheyenne Software, USA/Munich – Storage management software

DESIGNFORUM NÜRNBERG e.V., Nuremberg – Local promotion of Bavarian design

dtms AG, Mainz – Phone company, service numbers

evosoft GmbH, Nuremberg – Customer relationship management

LogoTrans GmbH, Weiden – Logistics services for the telecommunications industries

Media Artists, Munich – Content management systems

Netwave, USA – Connectivity, wireless LANs

Nokia Telecommunications, Düsseldorf – Telecommunications

PHONET Telecom AG, Hilden – Distribution, telecommunications industries

Plaintree Systems, USA – Gigabit Ethernet switches

Protocol Systems, USA/Homburg – Medical monitoring systems

Systems & Computer Technology GmbH, Nuremberg – Supply chain management software